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Northern Pecans (Carya illinoinensis) First Year Seedling Tree

Northern Pecans (Carya illinoinensis) First Year Seedling Tree

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Planting information: It surprises many to learn that pecans are both indigenous to North America and evolved in the Illinois river basin. There they grew as river bottom trees, with deep taproots, producing a much smaller nut than many are accustomed. The "southern" pecan is the result of human adaptation and cultural seed migration. Pecan trees are unique in that, from a young age, they are capable of regrowing even when the tops are cut or sniped by deer. In one historical example a pecan forest was clear cut, tilled, grown with corn for many year, and when the farm stopped growing the trees came back. Truly a resilient species and one of our favorites to grow. As a commercials species pecans have high value. As a wildlife support tree they are critical to large bird species and seem to have a special relationship with crows.    

Our pecans are hardy to at least zone 4B but we are highly interested in pushing that zone (-30). Pecans are ideal for river bottom plantings as they love moist conditions. Pecans abilities to resprout after being cut also makes them ideal for introductory grafting efforts. Pecans are best grown as seedling trees as damaging the taproot can cause larger tree transplant issues. Pecan are in the same family as hickory making there wood excellent for a diversity of uses. At our farm we are experimenting with coppicing these trees for timber. We are excited to continue to offer these amazing trees to you!  

Fruiting information: The full growing range of pecans is still unknown and all seedlings have unique qualities. 

Benefits:  Through our breeding efforts we hope to one day offer a competitive commercial northern pecan. Our seed pecans come form Midwest breeding efforts in the northern quadrant of the US. Pecans are an indigenous tree to North America making them an ideal addition to your property

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