Northpoint FFS Mission

Our mission is to supply the Northeast bioregion with difficult to propagate, rare, and genetically important tree crops for silvoculture and other forest farm applications. We are a small tree nursery/breeder focused on cold-hardy seedling trees. We use no chemical fertilizers and seek to be a carbon negative operation. That means that we stay small, plant by hand, and work to put more carbon back into the soil then we take out. Our trees are hand-selected, grown in living mycelium rich soil, and curated from wild collected and select high performing seeds stock. Our research focus is on providing you with trees that can positively impact your local ecosystem.

Where many tree operations depend on spraying toxic chemicals- we are deeply and obsessively committed to preserving the health of the air, water, earth, and local wildlife. We use no conventional herbicides, fungicides or pesticides. We also use no chemical fertilizer.

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