Shipping & Refund Policies


Bareroot trees ship two times a year (Spring & Fall) through USPS.

Please be patient with shipping, as we wait for the optimal time between our trees going dormant and the changing seasons. 

Trees will arrive labeled in a box with their roots in a moist medium. We recommend immediately planting our trees.   

How are shipping costs calculated?

Base costs are calculated by weight, per USPS.

As a human-scale operation, we spend countless hours packing, labeling, and digging up your trees by hand. The care that we take growing your trees is mirrored in our shipping and handling practices.

While large box stores provide trees that are often dead or dying, our trees are packed with living soil ready to take on the real world conditions of your farm or orchard. 

We ship only the best, healthiest young trees and guarantee that they arrive in good condition ready to plant out. If you encounter any problems, please contact us.


We want happy, returning customers, so sales are all subject to crop success.

All failed tree crop sales will be returned upon identification of problem.

Please email with photo documentation and an explanation of what went wrong.