Building on the work of visionary breeders, North Point FFS propagates disease-resistant crosses and hybrids of high-performance edible seedlings suited to the Northeast’s tough winters to support genetic diversity and long-term success.

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Wholesale: Market Price 

  • We offer a market driven flat rate for first-year trees to select wholesale clients. This rate only applies to bareroot fall or spring received seedling dormant trees.
  • The rate can be applied to any species of tree at any quantity once the minimum order is met.
  • The minimum order to receive wholesale pricing is negotiated, type dependent, and subject to change.  
  • As a wholesale client you can simply email us the amounts and species/cultivar needed from the availability list. 

Wholesale Shipping:

  • We offer free delivery within upstate NY, Southern VT, and Western Massachusetts area or (100 miles max) for orders of over 1000+ trees of any mixed type. 
  • Farm pickup requires a 500-1000 tree threshold be met to receive wholesale pricing.
  • 500-1000 tree wholesale purchase delivery costs 500.00 + .85 cents a mile.


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