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Second Season Chestnuts Basalta #3 (Sativa and crenata) Seedling Tree

Second Season Chestnuts Basalta #3 (Sativa and crenata) Seedling Tree

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Chestnut - Basalta #3 is a known cold hardy cultivar. 

Growing information

Basalta #3 pedigree is Sativa (European) and Crenata Japanese/Korean breed for Northern Italy. Smaller tree growing to an average of 30-70 feet.  Basalta #3 is understood to be blight resistant but not fully immune. Larger plantings are recommended in agroforestry systems as we feel that culling will be necessary. We recommend planting at a high density at a 10 foot by ten foot rate. 

Fruiting Information    

Cold Hardy with nuts of large size that are very easy to peel. So far our favorite nut that we have tase tested. Basalta #3 is known to be a cold hardy strain that harvest mid season. It is a heavy producer and particularly fast growing.


larger sweet nuts are ideal for culinary uses. We recommend that these tree be planted by those interested in looking after a smaller set of chestnuts rather than planting these out in mass. 

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