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Hazelnut "Yamhill" (Corylus avellana) Seedling Tree

Hazelnut "Yamhill" (Corylus avellana) Seedling Tree

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Planting information: Site selection is the most important aspect of growing hazel nuts. The soil must allow for proper root depth, a PH of between six and seven, and dry soil. Hazels will not tolerate wet areas. It is also important to note that hazel nuts require cross pollination but should be planted in areas that are shelter from heavy wind. Hazels do well on the edge or forests and partner well with pine trees. Ideal planting requires a hole deeper and broader than the extended root system to be planted, the addition of a handful of of bone meal into the planting soil. Many growers have found that digging and mixing the previous summer is highly effective. For larger plantings it is recommended to till field strips twice the summer prior to a fall planting. Top mulch with woodchips and water once a week at the rate of one gallon per plant per week. 

Fruiting information: Plant with Jefferson or Gamma for cross-pollination.

Benefits: A recent introduction from Oregon State University features attractive, compact growth habit, good crops of large and delicious nuts, and total resistance to Eastern Filbert Blight. Yamhill’s high productivity has made it popular with commercial growers. 


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