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Layeroka Chestnut (Sativa and mollissima) Seedling Tree

Layeroka Chestnut (Sativa and mollissima) Seedling Tree

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Planting information: Layeroka  is a cold hardy Euro x Chinese cross (Castanea mollissima and castanea sativa). This cultivar prefers 1/2 day to full sun and well-drained soil. Need to plant at least two different trees for cross-pollination and nut production. 40 to 60 foot crown at maturity. 

Fruiting information: Nuts at year 3-4 years after planting blooms in June with a late September nut. Produces a sweeter nut than the pure Chinese verities. 

Benefits: Tough and dependable Chestnut is Cold Hardy to Zone 4a. 

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