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Second Season Carpathian "Howard" Walnuts (Juglans regia) Seedling Tree

Second Season Carpathian "Howard" Walnuts (Juglans regia) Seedling Tree

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Howard walnuts are a 25 year old University of California variety of the Chandler English walnut developed for northern growing conditions.

Growing information

We follow growing requirements for black walnuts. Ripening time is mid to late September and can be grow in zone 4-8 conditions with a slight reduction in nut yield. Howards grow 70 feet in height making the tree smaller than other walnuts.  

Fruiting information 

Howards are late leafing and late blooming variety. These qualities make the strain less susceptible to frost damage nut loss and to blight. The late leafing and blooming tendencies make Howard an excellent tree for cooler areas where late frosts may otherwise reduce yields and damage plants. They are known to have large, round, smooth nut has a good seal and is harvested mid-season. Nuts are light and flavorful.


Ideal for commercial operations, homesteads, and those interested in breeding. Eastern walnut production is limited by a plethora of concerns and issues.

* Special Project: 

If you yourself, relatives, friends and acquaintances may know of established trees that are growing well and which produce desirable nuts; this knowledge can be invaluable in helping the NYNGA find superior EW trees and to obtain permission to visit these trees, collect and evaluate their walnuts, and potentially obtain scionwood to clone (make genetically identical copies) of these trees.  If you know of such a tree please reach out to Carl Albers at

Carl is a long time member of the NYNGA. See the call at

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