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First Year Hybrid Chinese Chestnut

First Year Hybrid Chinese Chestnut

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First year Chinese hybrids are suitable to a wide range of growing conditions and soil types. These fast growing trees are ideal for food forest applications and come from hardy stock. 

These trees (highlighted in the images) are healthy and blight free. We have tested hundreds of chestnuts and feel strongly about the viability of these prodigies.  Planted in the 1960s the trees are now reaching their full potential and are being cared for by a small family farm. We are lucky to have a source of seed for such wonderful trees and are excited to share these with you.  

Hardy to zone 5 and experimental in zone 4  

These trees will grown in zone 4 but may have reduced yields in commercial applications as a result of late spring frosts. For zone four clients we suggest the cultivar Basalta 3 if available as it is known to be one of the most cold hardy. 



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