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Second Season Chinese Hybrids (Castanea mollissima) Seedling Tree

Second Season Chinese Hybrids (Castanea mollissima) Seedling Tree

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Unnamed hybrids from select mother trees. Slightly less expensive than named cultivars these trees are often wild harvested. Nuts are gathered from some of the most productive trees we have found- these hybrids provide a large bang for the buck. We are excited to offer these trees and love to here from our clients concerning their growth and success.  

Planting Information 

Follow recommendations for planting of chestnuts 

Fruiting Information 



Chinese hybrids are often selected for chestnut orchards of all sizes. Blight resistance, fast growth rates, and large nuts makes these trees a great choice for all level of growers. We are offering these trees very close to wholesale to retail purchases.   

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