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Hershey American Persimmon (Diospyros virginiana) Seedling Tree

Hershey American Persimmon (Diospyros virginiana) Seedling Tree

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These trees come from the historical breeding work of John Hershey— one of the nations earliest food forest visionaries. The John Hershey nursery is currently under threat of development, making each of these seeds wildly valuable. We were very fortunate to be given permission to harvest seed from the remanent of his nursery in Downingtown, PA
Planting information: Advanced common American persimmon (Diospyros virginiana) is hardy to zone 5-b with some pushing towards zone 4. Can grow to 30-80 feet tall. 
Fruiting information: Requires multiple trees (male and female) to produce fruit. Fruiting typically begins at year six. 
It is suggested by John Gordon (a famous Canadian grower) American persimmons can be grown anywhere that peaches can be grown. In addition he suggests that to improve and aid early ripening: One should grow trees in a cove location where they get plenty of sun and very little wind.  He also recommends thinning persimmon fruit. Finally follow the following directions. 
  1. Produce a warm soil. Use drain tile, clean cultivation, a southern exposure, windbreaks, warm water trickle irrigation, clear plastic mulch, etc.
  2. Irrigate to eliminate moisture stress. 3 cm of water per week is typical for productive fruit groves.
  3. Plant pines to the north and west, and plant persimmons on a slope with good air drainage to the south and east.

Finally Gordon recommends that persimmon be polyculture planted within walnut groves. He notes that a persimmon grown "in a walnut grove it is two weeks earlier than where it grows in the open." He even notes that it not only tolerates but benefits from juglone.  

Benefits: The fruit that these mother trees produce is sweet and ridiculously prolific. Standing under a fully mature persimmon is truly a sight to behold. We are keenly interested in sharing these persimmons with pig and turkey farmers who are future-focused. We hope to have these in stock for the next few years but the future of Hershey nursery is uncertain — buy today! Agroforestry applications include wildlife and livestock support. Potential commercial applications include specialty vinegars, heritage baking, and craft wine. 


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