Get to Know Our Team

Maryellen Dowdall (She/her)
Bio: Mary is the owner and financial wiz that keeps the lights on at NP. She has a BA from Temple University in Environmental Studies where she focused on funding and promoting environmental projects. She has deep roots in nonprofit work and brings her passion for ecological justice to the project.
Dr. Justin A. Dowdall (He/him)
Grant Writing and Operations
Bio: Justin is a lecturer of Communication and Design at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute where he received his Ph.D. in Communication focusing on ecological design and regenerative agriculture. Justin is/was responsible for our novel propagation and grow systems. He is deeply committed to reforesting efforts and the redesign and development of sustainable technology.   
Tori Marchiony (She/her) 
Digital Ecosystems Management 
Bio: Tori is our UX and web experience expert. She is an Emmy award-winning writer, media-maker, and creative consultant. She helps ambitious business owners strategically communicate their value and connect with ideal customers through video, writing, and website design. We have been very fortunate to have her on the team.
Gerry Dowdall (He/Him)
Bio: Gerry joined the project after retiring from a career in human services. He contributes to the project in any way he can but loves spending time collecting seeds in the forest and spending time with the trees. He also particularly loves  working with persimmons and is our story keeper and photographer. Inspired by the tree breeding work of John Hershey Gerry has worked with the community to support and continue Hershey genetics. 
Patrick "The man with the tractor" Serbie (He/Him)
Bio: Pat has consulted on the project from its start continuing to sharing his love for the Rensselaer plateau an area that he has been farming for over 50 years. Pat shares his wisdom and experience in mountain agriculture particularly soil health and compost creation.  One of his pervious projects compost outpost was a very early contribution to local organic agriculture. A life long supporter of wildlife, particularly endangered birds in the area, Pat is driven by a care for the woodland and its many creatures. The project simply could not happen without him.